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Magic, Knifes, the Staff and trickery.

Fighting with intelligence and strengh.

Loki’s fighting or why do I find this arousing

This is…so…hot. <3

Loki fights without wasting motion and also fights EXTREMELY close range. For someone who uses magic while they fight, look how close he gets to his opponent even using his staff. His preferred weapons are knives and he uses even shorter ones than Frigga does and he tends to use an icepick grip more often than not, which generally indicates either a knife fighter who has no experience whatsoever, or one who is extremely experienced and using that grip in a sophisticated series of attacks. Loki is the latter considering close quarters combat requires precision, speed, and the ability to make split second decisions because there isn’t any room for error in fighting that close.

Consider that in addition to the fact that he’s often multitasking by spell casting at the same time he’s fighting…

Loki is a lot of unsavory things, but he’s also a warrior. Thor wasn’t letting his little brother tag along on adventures out of pity. Loki earned that place by being deadly whether the other warriors really understood HOW deadly his style is or not.

Up until the late 1980s, the consensus amongst most martial arts experts was that the icepick grip was the mark of an amateur, and that one who chose to attack using such a grip was easily disarmed….in the hands of a reasonably proficient fighter (such as Eskrima practitioners), a knife held in this fashion is remarkably fluid and can deliver multiple cuts from a variety of angles simply by manipulating the wrist. Such flexibility of technique make it extremely dangerous to attempt to immobilize the knife hand by grasping the wrist, as it can quickly circle around and do damage to tendons, nerves, or blood vessels." - wikipedia

(What does it mean when you fact check one unreliable website with another unreliable website. Whatever. I’m trying to be more skeptical.)

1. I love that this is accurate meta.

2. I love learning a new thing.

3. I love that this fighting style hella suits Loki’s characterization. An old school fighter sees the grip and thinks this’ll be too easy. But then he tries to immobilize the wrist and boom an unexpected manipulation leaves him suffering a lot of nasty damage. As if Loki didn’t only just develop a complex about being under-estimated, he made it useful by incorporating it into to his technique. 

Just gonna also point out that the copy Loki makes in Jotunheim proves that Loki’s copies can be ‘touched’ - Loki was able to maintain that copy even after a jotun ran through it. The copy only faded once Loki wanted it to (the moment shown in gif 2. Note he is completely prepared, unlike other situations where you could argue that Loki’s copies faded because they were not needed, or because he had been surprised/jolted by Thor making things explode in AoE attacks.)

I love how so many people completely forget this aspect of Loki.  he didn’t survive a thousand years (or however you want to tally it) at Thor’s side without knowing how to not only survive combat, but be quite efficient, even without Thor’s bloodlust.  In fact, Thor’s bloodlust could only temper and hone Loki’s skill and style, making sure to handle the angry mobs Thor draws.  It’s a lovely counter-point and good combination of styles.

(Source: mimupf)

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